The Commune is not dead !

This year, 2021, will mark the 150th anniversary of the Commune de Paris. The memory of this uprising of the Parisian population against a French government, in the midst of war against the German states, has never ceased to nourish the imagination of idealists around the world. Symbol of the people’s aspiration for justice and freedom, defended with arms in hand, the Commune is not dead.

We, who live in Paris and its surroundings, heirs of the struggles for emancipation led by the Communards, call for a massive demonstration in Paris on Saturday, the 29th of May 2021, to commemorate this revolutionary episode and to bring its ideas to life.

On the 18th of March 1871, the Parisians opposed the troops of Versailles and on the 28th of May this same year, the last combatants of the Commune were massacred by the troops of the republican regime. For two months the people of Paris were able to make their aspirations heard thanks to an organization based on direct democracy and cooperation. For two months these men and women implemented a social and political transformation : a new government ; requisition of empty housing ; rent suspension ; cancellation of back rent ; a ban on woking at night ; requisition of the means of production ; free education ; reorganization of work ; equal pay for men and women ; recognition of the freedom to form unions ... The most radical measure of the Commune was the destruction of the Bourgeois state.

Remembering the Commune means remembering a powerful political ideal which is still relevant today. Freedom, social justice and autonomy. From ZADs to Occupy Wall Street, from college sit-ins to the Yellow Vest movement, from Chiapas to Rojava, the Commune lives through contemporary emancipation movemen.

Let’s not abandoned the memory of the Commune to trendy shopkeepers who use it to gentrify the city. Let’s not be satisfied with academic commemorations, nor with a demonstration led by the local sections of the democratic parties.
Let’s march massively to the sound of our desires and our hopes, for the activists of yesterday and tomorrow.

The bad days will end !